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March against Monsanto Denver claimed that GM papaya kills pollinators and soil bacteria.

March Against Monsanto Denver claimed that GM papaya kills pollinators and soil bacteria.

I asked about their sources and their evidence, they asked me to do my own research.

Well, I am a biologist. I have devoted half of my life, even before I was an adult, to do my own research. I have seen all sort of ridiculous and crazy claims, and there is never evidence.

There is no research or peer reviewed papers linking GM papayas to pollinator death or to soil decay. This is simply a lie. March Against Monsanto is lying. This is not a different opinion, this is not one of those sketchy papers in marginal journals. Simply, there is no evidence, that claim is complete and utter bullshit.

I don’t know why these people have to lie to make their point. They demand transparency from others, they demand respect, yet the lie, they discriminate and they insult.

I f I am proved wrong, I will make a public apology and make a donation to an organic charity of their choice. I will record the apology and upload it to YouTube.

All I ask is hard evidence of damage to pollinators AND damage to soil bacteria by GM papaya. Peer reviewed papers will do.

This is their opportunity to shut me up, to prove I am wrong and make me pay money to a charity of their choice. The ball is in their court. Will they pass this wonderful opportunity to make me look like a moron and discredit my activism or will they ignore it because they lied?

Come on, foks! Come and teach me. Shut me up. Prove that I have no idea about what I am talking. Do it before June 1st.

Pro-science folks, feel free to share this with your closest MAM group.


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What a person’s acts says about the movement who represent. It is this what your want to be?

I have developed a thick skin for slander. I am so used to it by now that I don’t even blink, I think. However, I have a raw spot for my friends in Venezuela. They are already going through the one of the most hellish countries in the world, and still have to be insulted by privileged people in rich countries? That’s too much. That’s where I draw the line.

While I mostly use the attacks against me as a way to show the kind of things the anti GMO movement does, my friend Johnny actually showed up at closed group where they posted the video making fun of me. He left polite but strong messages asking questions and telling them that it was racist to make fun of someone because of their non-perfect English.

Johnny was not simply banned, but he got a message from David Hughes, the person who uploaded the video. He got called all sort of names, it was a racist message loaded with homophobic vitriol (even if Johnny is straight) and also a misogynistic message, as it used “whore” as an insult.
Those of you that know me well know my deep respect for sexual workers, and that I am gay, so this message really pissed me off.

So, in a nutshell this is what the anti GMO movement has become: Privileged white people hurling insults to poor people that don’t agree with them.

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Many anti GMO activists have no respect for minorities and while they will support american millionaires who make money scamming people, they will accuse hard working scientists from poor countries, people that makes less than USD 1000 a year, of being shills.

illustration: Elías Martínez, 2017

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