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Month: December 2016

Avances sobre “Cultivos Silenciados”

Casi terminamos la filmación. Quería compartir con ustedes esta foto. Tenemos 66 gigabytes de video. Ni siquiera tengo acceso a ella, ya que la velocidad de internet de Venezuela es tan lenta.
Ha tomado mucho tiempo, mucho más de lo que pensamos, pero es un proyecto mucho más grande de lo que pensamos que sería. Es un documental mejor, más y más complejo, con más gente.
Me siento humilde, ha sido un largo camino, pero casi llegamos al final. Sólo espero que la larga noche que mi gente se acabe pronto y podamos ver el amanecer.


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More about “Silenced Crops”

We are almost done with the filming. I wanted to share with you this picture. We have 66 gigabytes of video. I do not even have access to it, as the Venezuelan internet speed is so slow.

I has taken a long time, a lot more than we thought, but it is a much larger project than we thought it’d be. It is a better documentary, longer and more complex, with more people.

I am humbled, it has been a long road, but we are almost at the end. I just hope that the long night that my people are going through ends soon and we can see the dawn.



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Saying NO to Orinoco Mining Arch in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Government is promoting the Orinoco Mining Arch as an exit to the current Venezeulan crisis. Some people say it will give us 20 billion dollars of income.

A herd of 5000 to 10000 GM goats that make lactoferrin on their milk would igve us the same income, but since we spent the last 17 years demonising genetic engineering while not investing in research and development. We bought tons of arms and and Russian planes, so no GM goats, we’ll suck the mercury.

That’s Chávez legacy.

We could have been Singapore, but the majority chose Zimbabwe.



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