Guido Núñez-Mujica

Scientist, Activist, Entrepreneur
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A few of my articles and interviews published.

Venezuela bans violent video games: a first-person guest essay

The law scapegoats gamers for the obscene levels of violence in our country (see below), and goes to extraordinary lengths to criminalize gaming, to the point of holding out long jail terms to people who buy the wrong kinds of games. It's no joke. Last year, on a trip to the US, I was able to buy a Nintendo DS for my brother, and a puzzle game that deals with using weapons to defend the fish stock of penguins in Antarctica, Defendin' de Penguin...

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The Scent of Burnt Papayas

Venezuelans are facing mass hunger. Desperate and confused, they wonder how things got this bad. Few thought that the situation would deteriorate to this point. To those of us who have seen the process develop, what is happening today is the logical conclusion of all the terrible policies enacted by the government —as García Márquez might say, Crónica de Una Muerte Anunciada...

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Respect is always a priority

Did you know that Mexico, in the middle of a bloody war on drugs, approved same sex civil unions? That Colombia, in the midst of a civil war, did the same? Can you imagine any serious Mexican politician saying that they would only consider discussing the issue after catching el Chapo? Or any Colombian politician saying he won’t even talk about the subject until FARC signed a peace agreement with the government?...

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